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Full immersion in wine: from cultivation to production, from aging to sensorial tasting

Wine is part of the culture of the Langhe, a tradition handed down from generation to generation, from knowledge to passion and diligence, which you cannot fail to recognize as soon as you set foot in a cellar to visit it.
Our proposal is precisely that of a total involvement in this wonderful world, first with a visit to the winery in La Morra, one of the most suitable towns and then with a tasting in what were the ancient premises of the Germano Angelo winery, in full historic center in Barolo.
First of all it is good to observe the plant of the vine, an ancient plant, which requires several jobs in the vineyard, it is, in fact, a plant that must be followed if you want to obtain a good product: pruning, fruiting cane bending, unproductive shoots removal, secondary shoots removal, shoots binding, top shoots dressing, leaves cutting, green harvest and finally the harvest, the phase in which the fruits of hard work are gathered, which must be as delicate as possible so as not to ruin everything right at the last. Then we proceed with the vinification and, for structured reds and whites, with aging in wooden barrels, which are mostly oak. It is the oenologist who, knowing the vine and tasting the wine from time to time, chooses the barrel for aging. Then there is the phase of aging in the bottle, which can last from a few months to years, after which the wine is ready to be put on the market.
It is worth underlining the fact that for DOC and DOCG denominations, certain production rules must be followed and absolutely cannot be improvised. Barolo, DOCG, has its own specific disciplinary which establishes the rules to be observed necessarily to produce this wine and from which it cannot be released.
The moment in which all this is revealed is during the tasting: until that time the wine remained inside a bottle and it was not possible to know its state of preservation without opening it and tasting it. Here is the moment of truth, the magical moment in which intense, floral or ethereal aromas are released, fruity or more balsamic flavors, where the more or less intense color indicates the age of the wine and where the complex work and the knowledge of generations meets our senses satisfying and making us dream.
All you have to do is come and experience this intriguing world for yourself, by visiting our winery in La Morra and tasting our wines in Barolo! Ours is a sensorial tasting of the wines of the Langhe, because we give you the tools to be able to fully understand the color, the perfume and the taste of the wine, to be able to direct you to the best and try to find this information in the glass.

Barolo old town centre


The Casa Svizzera farmhouse offers its guests a quiet family atmosphere and a central location that allows you, in a few minutes on foot, to reach all the restaurants, wine bars and wine shops in the charming old town centre.


Attention to detail

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Every detail has been chosen in order to make the rooms full of atmosphere in an environment that expresses his personality, for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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